Ntando Duma confirms romance with Junior De Rocka

Actress and TV personality Ntando Duma confirmed to TMG Entertainment that she is in a romantic relationship with DJ Junior De Rocka.

The confirmation comes after months of swirling rumours (and many denials) about their relationship status.

Speaking exclusively to TMG Entertainment Ntando admitted to being head-over-heels in love with Junior.

“Yes we are in a relationship and we are very happy together.”

Ntando explained that she never officially admitted to being in a relationship previously‚ because when reports first surfaced about their rumoured romance‚ they were still friends.

“When reports came out claiming that Naima Kay and I were fighting over Junior‚ we were just friends at the time‚ and that was not true at all. I hadn’t even met Naima. And Junior and I weren’t dating at that time.”

Earlier this month Ntando and Junior sent the rumour mill into a frenzy after the TV personality was spotted with some bling on her engagement finger.

However‚ Ntando shut down those rumours setting the record straight. “No Junior and I are not engaged‚ we are just in a very happy relationship at the moment.”

Speaking about what makes their relationship special Ntando says it’s all about the love for them.

“We are just being ourselves and we love each other. We are also building each other and our careers by supporting each other‚ and we are just very happy doing so.”