Thando Thabethe: The new queen of radio

Starlet Thando Thabethe has dominated our TV screens in the last year with her vixen role as Nolwazi on “Generations: The Legacy” and now she is about to reign over the airwaves in a big way.

From Monday, 18 January, Thabethe will take over the 10am to 1pm timeslot on radio station 5FM, following the departure of regular contributor Poppy Ntshongwana.

Thabethe is ready to stake her claim as the new radio queen, in fact when asked by Sowetan LIVE about how she feels about being referred to as the new queen of radio she replies:

“That would be great, I’ll take it.”

Thabethe reveals that she and her team have been working hard on the new show, which will be called ‘The Thando Thabooty Show’.

According to Thabethe, Justin Toerien will serve as a contributor on the show.

“The preparations have been going really good. We have been working throughout December and some of January to make sure that we started off on a bang,” Thabethe points out.

“Obviously, the host is different. It’s also hosted by two people. I have a contributor on the show, his name is Justin Toerien. He will be on the street, on the ground. We are also two very young people, so we also try to make sure that the show is young and very cool.”

Thabethe assures that her new radio gig will not hinder with her already busy schedule of shooting with Generations, since both her jobs are located in the same SABC building.

Getting ‘the klap’

On Christmas Eve last month, a social media frenzy erupted after Thabethe divulged online that she had just been assaulted by a complete stranger at Woodmead Shopping Centre.

A statement released in December detailed that a woman had slapped Thabethe after an altercation over a parking spot. Thabethe urged her fans online to help identify the mysterious woman, since she had snapped a photo of her.

Thabethe tells Sowetan LIVE that the case is currently under police investigation after she opened a case, but the woman herself has since come forward.

“I cannot really elaborate too much on it. I think the woman has been found, she has came forward herself. It shall be resolved,” Thabethe says.

“I was barely there for the altercation. She was arguing with my boyfriend about a parking spot. Then I arrived to ask what was happening, she responded by slapping me. She just left afterwards.”

Romance and Generations

Pressed about her love life and romance, Thabethe opts to keep her answer very simple and straight to the point.

“I’m very much taken, yes. I’m very happy,” she quickly responds.

Thabethe teases that as far as Generations and her character Nolwazi is concerned this year, viewers should expect a lot of twists and turns. She adds that there is a new family in town and Nolwazi gets the ‘wrong end of the stick’.