Elwira Standili continues to give Mmatema Moremi 'nightmares' on Idols

Idols South Africa 2015 is arguably the most entertaining of the eleven seasons, mainly because of the contestants and yes the judges.

At the State Theatre in Pretoria where the live shows are taking place, the support for the Idols - which is just a fraction of the South African audience - is immense.

People travel to the venue every Sunday from various places. Some as far as Limpopo and Cape Town to show their Idols the much deserved support.

The audience base has been very specific so far and Mmatema Moremi, Loyiso Gijana, Karabo Mogane and Rhema Varrie seem to be leading the pack.

However, there is one underdog who is as amazing in singing as Mmatema and that is a beautiful lady Elwira Standili.

The Worcester born songstress has a voice that could probably unite fighting armed forces.

At the age of 22 years-old, Elwira gave up her Management Studies for an Idols dream when she went for auditions at a Cape Town theatre where thousands of hopefuls lined up for the same dream.

Talking to Sowetan LIVE at the State Theatre following her heart-warming opening performance, Elwira, who is always all smiles and not so shy, revealed that her secret to a great performance is channeling all the nervousness into the song.

"Like Somizi (Mhlongo) said in my first audition - I came in and said 'I'm so nervous', and he said 'nerves are good, it keeps you focused', so I took that and I believe that it's nerves that keep me focused," she said.

"But tonight (Sunday), I almost forgot all my lyrics. Just five seconds before I went on stage, I forgot everything and then I had to control myself, focus and get in my zone again and then it all came back as I went on stage."

According to the judges comments, Somizi to be exact, Elwira gives Mmatema - who is clearly the favourite this year - "nightmares".


She believes that the comparison is more of a compliment more than anything.

"It's a compliment actually because Mmatema is an amazing musician, a powerhouse. And I have to compliment her for the fact that each and every time she gets on stage she is absolutely the best. And that's amazing. It's an honour to be compared to her," said Elwira.

During their solo performances, including this past Sunday, Elwira opened the live shows with Mmatema closing them. Both as equally electric.

Elwira says she cannot tell if the show producers, Mnet are doing this on purpose.

"I don't know if that was done on purpose or what because at theatre week, our solo performances, the same thing happened - I opened and she closed. Maybe it works for the show or something."

She agrees with Unathi Msengana who said that her rendition of Mariah Carey's 'Without You' was good but that she struggled with higher notes.

"I think the song in general is a very low song but then if we changed the key, it wouldn't have worked for me when it got to the higher notes. So I couldn't wait to get to the higher notes where I had a good time because I struggled with the lower notes."