Zonke makes her much awaited come-back

Dedicated to her late sisters Busi and Lulu, the album carries a soft and subdued tone throughout.

Unlike her previous album which had my full attention from beginning till end, ‘Work of heart’ is an album that grows on you gradually.

Her soulful voice takes centre stage in this latest offering, giving one the impression of being treated to an intimate and unplugged session with the singer.

Songs like ‘Great storm’, ‘Meet me in my dreams’ and ‘Reach it’ are hits which are sure to feature on a number of playlists.

All in all, it is a good album which will have you tearing up one moment then slowly moving to the beat the next.

I did miss the more upbeat and carefree songs though, so for that I would give it a 3.9 out of 5 rating.

Lesley Mofokeng's review

After a long four years, Zonke Dikana has released a somewhat demure yet elegant album. The songs are loungey and laid-back, perhaps reflecting her mood following the recent untimely death of her sister Lulu.

The album is not as ebullient and boisterous as the last release with hits such as Jik'Izinto and Ngomso. On this one the tempo is slowed and the mood reflective, but her musicality remains unquestionable.

From superb vocals to stunning arrangements, Zonke has not lost her touch.

Be sure to start with Great Storm to get you in the swing of things. S.O.S (Release Me) is a quintessential Zonke sound.

The rock/country undertones of Meet Me In My Dreams, dedicated to her late sisters Busi and Lulu, makes it a delightful listen.

The bass on This Is It will send shivers down your spine. The nostalgic and ragga-kissed Those Days is uplifting.

She wrote, composed and produced all the songs.

The formula works for her, but perhaps in time she must experiment with an infusion from outside.

Verdict: Excellent


Zonke will be hosting album signing sessions at Eastgate (Musica) from 1 till 2pm and at Musica in Sandton from 5pm till 6pm on Friday, 18 September 2015.