Jennifer Lopez, Wesley Snipes: TV series headliners coming soon

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Networks will announce next month which series have been greenlit for the 2015-2016 season. ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC and the CW still have a few weeks to finalize their selections, but in the meantime, here is a roundup of the big and small screen stars likely to appear (or reappear.

Don Johnson

The 1980s TV star returns to television as the main character in "Boom", a pilot in the works at ABC. Former detective Sonny Crockett of "Miami Vice" will play the patriarch of a North Dakota town in the midst of an economic boom following a huge oil discovery. The actor, most recently seen in the series adapted from "From Dusk till Dawn," shares billing with Delroy Lindo ("Believe") and Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl").

Melanie Griffith

It's been ten years since the "Working Girl" and "Bonfire of the Vanities" last starred in a television series. Her return could occur in ABC's untitled comedy about a couple raising extremely intelligent children.

Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta

NBC has succeeded in landing both J.Lo and the star of "Goodfellas" for the same series. "Shades of Blue", already confirmed for next season, will follow a single mother detective recruited by the FBI for an anti-corruption taskforce. Opposite Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta will play a shady police chief.

Whoopi Goldberg

For several years now, the star of "Ghost" and "Sister Act" has bounced from series to series ("Glee", "30 Rock", "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"...) This fall, she might find herself playing Delores, a grandmother who takes in her grandson. An ABC comedy, "Delores & Jermaine," starring Jermaine Fowler, will focus on both cultural and generational clashes.

Eva Longoria

Since the end of "Desperate Housewives" in 2012, Eva Longoria has remained involved in television through production and guest appearances. Things will change this fall though, as the former Gabrielle Solis has landed the lead role in "Telenovela", a comedy that will take viewers behind the scenes of a soap opera.

Wesley Snipes

The latest movie star moving to the small screen, the actor will star in "Endgame", a thriller in the works at NBC. The drama will center on a former sniper turned security expert who becomes the object of a conspiracy, forcing him to new extremes to save the lives of innocent people.