Liam Payne's Twitter upset

11 November 2014 - 10:11

Liam Payne wishes people would think about the consequences before they write mean things on social media.

The One Direction singer wishes web users would think more carefully about what they write and not just assume they won't be seen by the band. He said: ''I think a lot of people forget that there's a person the other side of the computer.

''People just think they're talking to a person that they're never gonna get through to... but we do see things and we're conscious towards it because we're just young lads and we're gonna be conscious in front of all these cameras and whatever else all the time.

''Some people don't mean what they're gonna say and they don't think you're gonna see it I think is the main thing.'' However, the 'Steal My Girl' singer feels ''lucky'' because his girlfriend Sophia Smith refuses to pay attention to any of the negative comments she receives from jealous fans.

Speaking during the 1D Four Hangout live streamed interview yesterday (09.11.14), he added: ''I'm quite lucky with Soph because she doesn't pay much attention to it.''

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik insists his fiancee Perrie Edwards also doesn't mind the negative comments because the Little Mix singer understands the situation due to her own fame. He said: ''Pez does the same job [as me] so she understands.''