Legend rapper Mizchif dies

South African based, Zimbabwean rapper Mizchif died early Thursday morning after his long battle with ill health.

Mizchif was in the process of recording his come-back album titled "Still A Legend" after going off the grid for more than seven years - and was also due to judge at a South African talent search show called 'End of the Weak' this weekend.

A close source revealed that the rapper returned to South Africa (from his sabbatical leave in Zimbabwe) last year with concerns of weight loss and skin problems.

About Mizchif:

He was allegedly the first in South Africa to perform hiphop with a live band.

He was popularly known for his hit single 'International" and a collaboration in 2001 with Mavusana for the album Summertime on Ghetto Ruff records.

Mizchif was born and raised in Highfields, Harare, Zimbabwe. He moved to Syracuse, New York at the age of 12 where he hooked up with a crew, Soul Pack, and began rapping. He moved to South Africa at 18, where he released his debut album Life from All Angles in 1999 on Eargasm Records. he further went on to release "Place for a Wife" and "Fashionable" which at the time got constant airplay on several TV music channels across Africa.

Mizchif presented hip hop news on Johannesburg radio station Yfm. He was also a video jockey on Nasty, a hip hop show on MNET music channel, Channel O