The last of Ma Agnes on Isidingo

After more than 15 years of commitment to playing the role of Agnes Matabane on one of the most loved soapies, Keketso Semoko has left Isidingo (The Need).

Semoko, affectionately known as ‘Ma Agnes’ on the drama filled soapy will be seen for the last time this evening.

She entered the television industry as a teenager starring in TV dramas as well as theatre production and has been with Isidingo since 1998.

Officially Semoko left Isidingo in May, however she will be exiting the show this evening  in a scene where Ma Agnes and her husband ‘ Ntate  Zeb’ leave for Thaba ‘Nchu to live in a farm and enjoy the rest of their lives in a peaceful place.

Semoko said playing the role of Ma Agnes has allowed her to fulfill a character representing women and all the hardship, success, pain and love experiences they go through.

“I finished shooting for Isidingo in May, I almost made 16 years playing Ma Agnes.

It was time to move on, Ma Agnes has told all the story there is about women of SA, gave birth, lost children, became a grandma, she has been the church lady and business woman,” she said.

Following her departure from Isidingo, Semoko has since taken a break from acting to do a bit of travelling.

“I have been on a break travelling. I was recently in the east, something interesting is coming my way and it has to do with travelling but I can’t talk much about it right now.”

She says it is not the end of her in television.