Cassper on AKA beef and club SWAY sabotage

Nothing like news travels fast on social media, Cassper Nyovest and AKA take their beef to another level called sabotage.

The grilling beef between the two hip hop artists heated up after the two rivals hosted events on the same night in the hottest clubs in Sandton north of Johannesburg.

An upset Cassper feels sabotaged by Club Sway for hosting AKA’s party the same night as his album Launch at Taboo.

The Doc Shebeleza singer alleges club Sway hosted AKA after he refused to launch his party at their club.

“We were planning my release party at Taboo and we announced it. Then I got a call from sway they said they were disappointed I did not bring our party to sway.

“We explained taboo got a sponsor for us but was not a plan,” says Cassper.

He even explains how club Sway tried to steal his performance line up for an appearance at AKA’s launch.

“They never open on Thursday, they tried to book people on my line up, approached major league and other artists on my line up, since they were now planning a party same day of my release.”

“They were trying to steal my line up,” he says.

According to Cassper, AKA's "Power Circle party" was nothing compared to his gig at Taboo.

“They were trying to prove they have the power, however my release party was amazing, never ever had I been more than 2000 people out to party on a Thursday.

“Taboo was on fire, had close to 2000 people in the club cam out on a Thursday.

“I am happy our party was successful despite sabotage,” he says.

He also admitted that there issues between them that started two years ago.

“I know we don’t get along because we had a dispute two years ago over music.”

“We spoke, apologised, and we knew we can’t be friends. He even apologised to my manager and said sorry but two later he is still going on,” Cassper says.

Cassper says the sabotage  is a big deal because he wants people to know he is not barking without a cause.

“I am trying to let people aware of what’s going on, I am not trying to beef up with anyone.

“I am not the starter of this beef AKA is, I got to a point where I could not keep quiet and I responded.”

“I want people to know who threw the first slap.”