Soapie preview for Zabalaza: August

Monday, 4 August - In Between The Lines: Gasta seeks help from Herbert but doesn’t reveal her motive. Lindiwe starts acting strangely after a disturbing revelation. Meanwhile, Ray’s merchandise goes missing.

Tuesday, 5 August: Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

Lindiwe is forced to engage with Ray, but can’t tell the truth. Sponono and Siphokazi start to nose around Thembi.

Wednesday, 6 August: Lies and Secrets

Will Ntsika believe Gasta’s story about the stolen money? Mthunzi gets a surprise visit. Moss comes clean to KG. Beauty returns home, but doesn’t get the welcome she was expecting.

Thursday, 7 August: Amends

Gasta is overwhelmed by her own actions. Beauty tries to get her home back. Moss realises he can’t just waltz in and talk to Thabo.


Monday, 11 August: Disguises

Moss manages to get to Thabo, but Thabo doesn’t react the way he had hoped. Mthunzi makes Beauty see his point of view. Will Ray’s gentleness with Lindiwe melt the ice?

Tuesday, 12 August: Games of Doom

Ntsika messes with Gasta’s head. Sponono doesn’t understand what "proof of residence" means. Mthunzi gives Beauty an ultimatum. Meanwhile, David’s rage boils over.

Wednesday, 13 August: Ship Out

Gasta has had enough and draws a line with the boys. Mthunzi and Beauty make up but Beauty wants the whole truth about his crimes. David loses control.

Thursday, 14 August: Ignorance Is Bliss

Moss and Qiniso find temporary refuge. Mthunzi and Moss still have to deal with the Thabo situation. Tebza wants to lay a charge against David. Herbert has drafted the contract for Neli’s new business venture.


Monday, 18 August: Sinking Deeper

Thembi speaks her mind, with dire consequences. Thabo is given an ultimatum. Moss and Qiniso take up a new job, but a strict eye will be watching their every move. Gasta is placed under increased financial pressure.

Tuesday, 19 August: The Darkest Hour

While David loses his way, Lindiwe’s worry grows. Sponono’s plans are full steam ahead. Beauty struggles with Mthunzi’s medical treatment.

Wednesday, 20 August: Conspiracies

Gasta tries to figure out how to handle the financial situation, unaware of Ray’s conspiracies. David’s anger is starting to become noticed by everyone. Sponono’s bad business etiquette continues to hinder her progress.

Thursday, 21 August: Dark Clouds

Moss and Mthunzi have run out of options. David’s dark behaviour has gone public and Gasta demands to know what’s going on. Ray’s plans deepen as he seems to have Lindiwe eating out of his hand.


Monday, 25 August: Definition of the End

Ntsika gets David to do the right thing. Mbali decides to do the right thing in relation to Waka. Ntsika decides Neli needs to know the truth.

Tuesday, 26 August: Hidden Secrets

Gasta worries deepen while Neli and Moss are forced to face a horrible truth about themselves. Qiniso truly wants to help out at the club. Ntsika lashes out at Mbali.

Wednesday, 27 August: After Hours

Neli’s worst nightmare becomes a reality. Ray continues to put pressure on Gasta about her shares. Ntsika is set straight by Mbali.

Thursday, 28 August: Confusions Galore

Gasta’s decision regarding the shares shocks everyone. Ma Kope takes out her fury on Ray. Neli, Moss and KG are all caught up in David’s whirlwind. Meanwhile, Sponono’s on her own mission to make a name for herself.