Soapie preview for Isibaya: August

Friday, 1 August: Josie writes a play and gets some advice from the yard. Mbodla threatens Iris. Pam does an amazing deal for S’khaleni and Ntandane.

Monday, 4 August: Lending A Hand

Qondi is hiding something from Fezile. Sunday overpowers Samson. Bhekifa confronts Mbodla about the rumours.

Tuesday, 5 August: A Forbidden Love

Mbodla and Iris don’t see eye to eye. Qondi admits her true feelings. Mpiyakhe consults with Gog’ Mkhithi.

Wednesday, 6 August: Fatal Plans

Mbodla bids farewell. Mkhithi realises that Mgijimi is becoming stronger. Blade prepares for a kill.

Thursday, 7 August: Death at the Lodge

Shots are fired at the lodge. Samson gets a serious beat down. Qondi and Fezile get into an argument.

Friday, 8 August: Shattered Trust

A furious Fezile storms out of the yard. Iris tries to escape. Qondi comes clean to Mkhithi.

Monday, 11 August: Nowhere To Be Found

It seems Fezile is nowhere to be found. Pam reassures S’khaleni about his concerns. Zweli and Zanele make peace. Mkhithi reveals the truth to Mpiyakhe.

Tuesday, 12 August: Continued Search

A cleansing is being prepared for Qondi. Sunday inspires Samson. Mehl’mamba takes guard of the Zungu yard while the search continues. Zweli finds out a secret about his father.

13 August: Saved By The Bell

Bhekifa has an unusual moment with Iris. Zweli gets a disturbing call. Qondi worries about Fezile.

Thursday, 14 August: New Alliances

Mpiyakhe is stopped from looking for Fezile. The chief worries about what Iris is up to. S’khaleni is accused of being unfaithful.

Friday, 15 August: In Fear

Qondi gets the courage to go talk to Fezile, but makes matters worse. The yard wonders about Fezile’s next move. S’khaleni fears for his life.

Monday, 18 August: Uniting To Be A Force

Josie organises a meeting at the Market Theater. Mandla consults with Bongani about an important matter. Will Fezile and S’khaleni bury the hatchet?

Tuesday, 19 August: Intensions Questioned

S’khaleni and Ntandane are suspicious of Pam. Mandla has a solution for his problem. Mkabayi realises how serious Qondi and Fezile’s problem is.

Wednesday, 20 August: Digging For The Truth

Pam comes clean. Shadrack worries about Mpiyakhe. Zweli tries to get a hold of Sihle. Phumelele is eager to know the truth about Qondi.

Thursday, 21 August: Untimely Attack

Phumelele demands the truth from Mpiyakhe. Bongani is not convinced about Mandla’s solution. Pam has put herself in a tight corner.

Friday, 22 August: Plans of Revenge

Pam is rushed to the hospital. Bhekifa offers his support to Iris. S’khaleni has cooked up a deadly plan.

Monday, 25 August: Evil Ignites

Qondi receives good news, but has no hope. Samson plays a hard bargain when Khanyi asks for more. Sunday gets a powerful ingredient, while Mkhithi senses something dangerous.

Tuesday, 26 August: Tragic Death

Samson prepares something deadly. Ndoda summons Pam. A dangerous fight breaks out.

Wednesday, 27 August: A Mother’s Love

Sunday’s mission is successful. Pam tells Mpiyakhe the truth. Josie struggles to be a supportive mother. Mgijimi tries to break loose.

Thursday, 28 August: A Time of Grief

Pam continues to blame herself for the part she played in the tragedy. Qondi tries to reach out to Fezile. Mandla is convinced that the Ndlovus are bewitched.

Friday, 29 August: A Family’s Support

Mkabayi finally gets the truth out of Qondi. The wives rally around the family to support them during time of grief.