Khanyi Mbau survives car accident on way from movie shoot

Socialite and actress Khanyi Mbau escaped a car accident with minor injuries yesterday.

Mbau who was on her way from a film shoot in Kroonstad was involved in car accident whilst driving a rental VW Polo.

Although the car was written off, the actress was lucky enough to escape with minor cuts and bruises.

Mbau is currently shooting a movie by comedian David Kau called ‘Room Divider’.

The upcoming movie, currently being shot in Kroonstad features Khanyi Mbau, Nkanyiso Bhengu and Amanda Makade.

About the movie that Khanyi is acting in:

Room Divider tells the story of ‘ghetto housewives’ living the local version of the popular US reality show of rich housewives of New York or LA.

In a case of art imitating life, Mbau will play the lead role - ‘Thandi’, a rich housewife living the life in the townships, married to a successful businessman (played by Nkanyiso Bhengu).

Without giving away too much, Mbau says "Thandi is a fun role to play because anything that has David Kau in it is never serious; it's a comedy with some drama."

Khanyi Mbau's future:

Mbau is marking her role in the industry with interesting prospects popping up for her career.

She will also be debuting on a new satirical comedy series titled ‘Check Coast’ on Vuzu TV starting Thursday 23 January at 19:00.

In the series her character takes you on a journey, focusing on the lives of the staff at the Centburg Department of Home Affairs.

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