Da Les welcomes baby girl

Congratulations to first time dad Da Les, who is now a father to a beautiful baby girl.

Da Les welcomed baby Madison to the world on Thursday.

The rapper's long time friend Prince Costinyo could not wait to share the great news.

He posted a picture of him and the rapper on the social media platform talking about the old days when they were young and how far they have now come. The collage compared DaLes from then to now, with a picture of DaLes holding his little girl.

The Facebook Status:

 Prince Costinyo: "A few years ago we was kids young niggers with no responsibilities enjoying life in the streets of the NORTH!! Young players running wild who ever thought today God would bless you with a beautiful daughter .. I'm proud of you my nigger we always said ...if we ever get kids their gonna live like kings and queens ... Well you got your wish .. baby Madison is a true blessing and ill do anything for her u ain't gotta ask twice ... #blood love you fam nohomo @2freshles (sic)