R.Kelly reveals 'his story' on new music video

03 September 2013 - 12:15
By Sowetan LIVE

R&B hitmaker R. Kelly has published a music video titled 'My Story' featuring 2 Chainz on 30 August 2013, a video that depicts his life on stage and behind the scenes. He talks about how he 'went from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts'. This is a video of Robert Kelly like you have never seen him before. [WARNING: Explicit lyrics in content]



This is my story, yeah, I'm from that Chi-town dirt

I went from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts

This is my story - money, cars, bad hoes

This is my story-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y

And I'm, stickin', to it {*8X*}

[R. Kelly]

Came from humble beginnings now I'm cocky with my spending

They say "life is just a game" and I thank God that I'm winning

Models roll my indo, I beat the pu**y, Django

Them nig*as talking money, I got more digits in my gate code

She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus

You're ain't never gon' find another nigga this focused

I got every block, every street corners sold up

Whatever club represent my city, throw it up

I own the game, coach slash player shown up

Okay, haters throw fitted never showed up


[2 Chainz]

Yeah, 2 Chainz...

Velcro, I'm sticking to it, hatin', I've been a victim to it

Your conversation is sanitation, ain't no hesitation when I finna do it

I stick it in (uh) switch it up and try to hit a friend (uh)

Live it up and count my dividends, roll, like cinnamon

Woah, big face Benjamin's as she lookin' at me like ye'en ain't nothin' but a star I looked at her like this ain"t nonthing but a car if you ride with them you ain't going that far

But if you ride with me, crib so big we can play hide-and-seek

You can confide to me, ride me like I ride the beat

Pilot seat, I need a co-pilot, kiss a as* in both mouths

Them talking both lips, what you know 'bout boat trips?

Drop her ass at the +Chocolate Factory+ (yeah), we did them +12 Play's+ (yeah)

And you know who you is girl - we been fuc*in' since the 12th grade, goddamn


[R. Kelly]

Pull up to the club at about three

I'm killin' it, guilty no plea

I'm leaving out at 6 with a dime piece

By 9 o'clock, we on round three

I speak of rain they say I'm crazy like they didn't know

See I'm not crazy but my talent, man, got bipolar

Say she's a church girl but man she's blowing holy smokes

Showed her the Jesus piece now she got the Holy Ghost

They asked them in a interview, "why do he love these girls?"

The only thing he had to say was, "motherfuc* the world!"