Joelle face of Trace

HAVING been announced by Trace TV as an ambassador for the second year running is an achievement model Joelle Kayembe does not take lightly.

The Congolese-born and South African-based actress says she could not have done it without the management of the TV station having recognised her acting talent.

"I must have done something good last year to be selected again. I have learnt a lot as the face of the channel and hope to keep living the brand," Kayembe said.

Trace TV chief executive officer and chairman Oliver Laouchez says: "In one year Kayembe has not changed and she personifies Trace's strong values, which are generosity, openness, multiculturalism and credibility. She is now busy preparing the actions of Trace Foundation in South Africa."

The internationally acclaimed model, who has modelled for big brands locally and abroad, says she is spreading her wings into the acting fraternity.

"I was approached by the producers of the sci-fi drama Room 9for a role in the production early last year. I did not turn it down and played a woman vampire. From then on I realised I can actually act if I work very hard on my craft."

Kayembe is currently based in Cape Town filming an international movie with a Lebanese director.

"I am pursuing acting because I was given an opportunity to try it. Just like modelling. Look where I am today because of my modelling career.

"My biggest filming project to date has to be the movie Zulu, which I filmed last year with Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker."

The beauty says her winning formula is to stay versatile in her career, and this approach has certainly opened many doors for her. -