Chris Brown paints Rihanna a picture

Message reads 'you're my girl for life'

Chris Brown painted Rihanna a picture for Christmas.

The 23-year-old R&B star - who is currently in the Ivory Coast in Africa with his on-again/off-again girlfriend - reportedly spent months working on the romantic painting, which depicts them in a loving embrace and includes a personal message that reads, ''you're my girl for life''.

A source close to the 'Turn Up The Music' singer told ''He and Rihanna are crazy as hell. Chris had a bomb a** time with Rihanna over Christmas. He was scared, though, when she came to his house because Chris has been working on a painting for like two months for her.

''He painted this picture of him and her together and it's [amazing]. It's tight as f**k. It's him and her together -- she's looking forward and he's kissing her on the cheek. Chris painted the gold necklace around her neck that he got her and at the bottom he wrote 'you're my girl for life'.

''I don't know if Rihanna got the painting yet, but he shipped it to her and I know she will go crazy when she sees it. I don't know why [Chris] didn't put it on Instagram, but I guess they want some [stuff] to themselves.''

The 24-year-old 'Diamonds' singer spent Christmas Day (25.12.12) with Chris and was spotted snuggling while watching the Los Angeles Lakers in action at the Staples Centre. A source previously revealed they later spent the rest of the day together.

The insider said: ''They went back to his place right after the game and chilled out and smoked. They just kicked it real tough and Chris got what he wanted for Christmas and a little more - he took a long nap and Rihanna was right there next to him.''