Mbokazi- Nkambule celebrates milestone

NO GO: Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule in a file picture. Her new show, 'Khwezela-Rekindle, with Zanele Mbokazi has been postponed.  PHOTO: THULI DLAMINI
NO GO: Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule in a file picture. Her new show, 'Khwezela-Rekindle, with Zanele Mbokazi has been postponed. PHOTO: THULI DLAMINI

AFTER surviving an infidelity scandal early this year, Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule is celebrating another milestone in her life.

This Sunday she will witness her brainchild, the SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards, mark its fifth birthday, when the award ceremony takes place at the ICC Arena in Durban.

Mbokazi-Nkambule founded the awards as a way of providing a platform to celebrate and honour gospel musicians, producers and other role-players in the gospel music industry.

"I am excited about how far we have come since our first awards. I believe, together with my team, we have been able to achieve this through hard work and God's grace," she said.

Mbokazi-Nkambule says she is an all-or-nothing kind of person, hence each year the awards go up a notch or two in terms of standard.

"I could not have done all of this without the support of my husband, Bishop Mpendulo Nkambule. He has been supportive throughout all my business ventures and it is always good to have someone who has my best interests at heart," she said.

She gushes about how her first year of marriage had been blissful and how lucky she was to have found her soulmate.

"It feels so good to have a man to hold my hand through everything that I am going through, good or bad. My husband is one of the most genuine men I know," Mbokazi-Nkambule says.

She says because she was more prepared for marriage the second time around, she is now hosting the Khwezela seminars.

The seminars are a platform to share her experiences and bring back the spark in people's marriages. It encourages individuals to choose their partners carefully.

Her marriage to Nkambule is her second.

"The three major issues leading to divorces and separation are lack of communication, marrying without fully understanding the notion of marriage and financial issues. Partners do not want to confront money issues, which often leads to fights," Mbokazi-Nkambule says.

She says she uses the example of the cheating allegations she faced in her seminars, so her clients can practically understand how to handle such issues in a relationship.

She was rumoured to have had an extramarital affair with a local millionaire.

"The incident was my reality when it happened and together with my husband, we had to work through it. Because of that we are now much stronger as a couple," she says. - motaud@sowetan.co.za