Nelson, Sasha join forces to fuse jazz and rap sounds

AFRO-JAZZ singer Ternielle Nelson believes that collaborating with the famous Nigerian female rapper Sasha has opened up her mind.

The two musicians who are coming from different worlds when it comes to sound have fused jazz and rap together.

The South African singer has said the recording process of the love song titled Seed started two weeks ago and will be completed soon.

Nelson, who plays lead guitar, said when Sasha agreed to do a song with her she knew that it was time to expand her fan base.

"I met Sasha through my manager during the Chanel O Awards that took place in South Africa," Nelson said.

"We both went to the studio and whipped up a song. I love her sound."

Nelson said the song talks about love.

"You see when you plough something you always expect it to grow."

Nelson launched her career with a debut album early this year titled Unleashed.

Produced by award-winning producer Selaelo Selota, Nelson is one of the young and promising Afro-jazz musicians.

Meanwhile, the female rapper and the self-acclaimed first lady of hip-hop was born as Yetunde Alabi in 1983.

Sasha, who started her music career over eight years ago, is arguably the most successful female rapper in Nigeria.

She has won several awards in Nigeria and outside the country.

In 2009 she won the best female artist award at the Women in Entertainment Awards.