Rising star Khabonina gets her biggest break

OVER the years she has found a niche on the local showbiz scene as an actress and recently as a judge of the SABC1 reality competition Dance Your Butt Off.

Her star, however, keeps on rising with every new announcement.

South African actress, dancer, choreographer, singer and businesswomen, Khabonina Qhubeka has been chosen as a choreographer for the Channel O Music Awards at the Sandton Convention Centre on November 11.

The awards are set to be the biggest on the African continent and will bring some of Africa's biggest artists, such as 2face, D'banj, Theo Kgosinkwe, Thiwa and Cabo Snoop, to South Africa.

Qhubeka will work with various artists from countries such as Nigeria, Mozambique and Zambia.

Speaking after having been chosen for the awards, she said: "I am excited to be part of the event. It will give me an opportunity to work with one of the best artists on this continent and it will also give me an opportunity to experience different cultures through which we can share so much during the course of the event."

Qhubeka says the music awards are another way for South Africans to gain experience from other countries.

"To be a choreographer for the 2011 Channel O Music Video Awards is a huge honour for me. We have a great team! Prepare to be moved."

Part of her choreography will fuse African dance moves, such as kizomba dance from Maputo, with a South African flavour added.

She has already started working with Thiwa from Nigeria.

Qhubeka says people who will be coming to the awards should expect more fire from her dancers.

"My goal is to make the Channel O Music Awards the best event ever in history," she says.

Qhubeka was born in Orlando West, Soweto.

She then attended Queen's High School in Kensington, Johannesburg, after which she earned a dance diploma with Moving Into Dance in Newtown.

Her other career highlights include travelling to Europe with Richard Loring's African Footprint; performing in the "55 Congress de la Fifa" in Marrakech, Morocco; touring Canada with the Milk Children's Festival as a storyteller, dancer, singer and teacher; and performing in Tribute to the Pops in Palma on the island of Marjoca.