Ngidi has the beat

MASKANDI singer Zanefa Ngidi is tired of being poor and wants God to make him Imoto Entshontsh'imali.

Ngidi, who comes from Maphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal, has poured his heart out in his latest album, Amagwinya. Released in May, it includes the very popular songTriple C (car, cash and cellphone).

In the song, Ngidi has blended maskandi and kwaito lyrics in a humorous way. He appeals to God to make him rich so that women will run after him.

"It's a funny track, pregnant with a strong social message. If you do not have money, people, including women, do not take you seriously," he says.

Ngidi is one of the best young composers in this genre. He is able to tell a story through song and his music is packed with messages of love and stories about his upbringing.

What sets his work apart is the language he uses to grab the attention of the youth.

"My music speaks about real issues that affect both young and old people and I do not use lyrics to insult people," Ngidi says.

He denies that he imitates Bhekumuzi Luthuli.

"People might think that I try to sound like Luthuli, but the style I play belongs to KwaMaphumulo, where we both come from. I want to keep it alive. I have made the beat faster to accommodate the youth," he says.

Ngidi decided to play guitar himself because he didn' t want to be labelled Us'gingci Siyayibetha , which means the guitar plays by itself and that maskandi musicians cannot play the instrument .