Enerst, Bhoke shown Big Brother door

06 June 2011 - 07:58
By Penwell Dlamini

BHOKE and her "boyfriend" Ernest were evicted from Big Brother Africa Amplified last night

Bhoke, a 26-year-old television presenter from Dar es Salaam, was the first to be called out from the house.

When I.K. Osakiodwa asked her if she thought her relationship with Ugandian Ernest had affected the way she played the game, Bhoke answered: "I was not playing a game. Me and Ernest were real".

Bhoke said she was hurt the most by that Alex was among the people who nominated her for eviction.

She then threw the fuse for the week to her lover Ernest, not knowing that he would also be shown the door a few minutes later.

"Because I want him (Ernest) to remember me," Bhoke said.

Then a twist later, Ernest, the 28-year-old public relations consultant, was also evicted from the house.

Ernest was reluctant to mention the housemate he thought had nominated him and only praising the show: "This is a once in a lifetime experience. It's amazing."

Last night's evictions leave 20 housemates gunning for the $200,000 (about R1,3 million) prize.