Presenter needs more clout on the airwaves

11 March 2011 - 14:43
By Simon Nare

FOR a radio presenter Capricorn FM's Khensani Nyango doesn't talk much especially not for a mid-morning show that is supposed to engage more than spins discs

Every radio listener appreciates good music on any particular day, especially when they are having a bad morning, and have to drag themselves out of bed to prepare for work.

This might fly in the face of repeated complaints about presenters who run off their mouths during their shows, but it also doesn't help when you say too little on air either.

After all, the primary duty of a radio presenter is to engage listeners in every possible way. That is what they are paid to do.

Now Nyango is good at playing music during her show and she doesn't spoil it by yapping about this and that for the sake of talking.

Instead, she prefers playing music. Good music I must add. The other day she surprised me when she played Cesaria Evora's Sodade.

This was a pleasant surprise because, for the life of me, I can't remember when last I heard this masterpiece on the radio.

So, on this score she fares well, but after days of listening I realised that Nyango doesn't have a voice for radio. Perhaps she avoids talking too much on the air because she is afraid of being exposed.

She sounds as if she is choking when talking. It's a pity.

She should then not have been given the task after all. Maybe it would help pairing her with someone because she sounds really lonely.

The other day she was broadcasting from the legislature during a budget speech by the provincial MEC.

Now, I don't know what the motive was for broadcasting from there because for the two hours I listened she never engaged anybody from the department.

Honestly, this young woman can be groomed into one of the most prolific presenters on the airwaves.

She just needs a good producer and self-belief.

She has the timing and taste for good music.

The foundation is almost there. Can the bosses nurture it?