Moshesh's home a classic beauty

01 October 2010 - 11:34
By Zenoyise Madikwa

SHE'S a thoroughly modern woman as far as her acting career is concerned but she just can't stop decorating her home with antiques.

Visiting Nthati Moshesh's home is like visiting grandma's house. Literally. From the furniture to the artifacts, jewellery and clothes.

Think vintage, relaxing, sumptuous, casual, laid-back, yet chic, all at the same time with interesting items from as far back as the mid-century.

She tells Sowetan that there are three things she can't live without: her antique Italian marble coffee table, her handmade CD rack and her kist.

She says she snapped up the 1865 coffee table four years ago, charmed by its purity.

"I am an avid fan of all things vintage and ethnic. Vintage is absolutely unique. I decorate my living space with antique furniture and collectable pieces. Simply put, I am a truly Bohemian lover. They remind me of my grandmother's house," she says.

Moshesh saved the most dramatic repurposing for the master bedroom, where a unique headboard vies for attention with an 18th century kist.

With colourful styling merged with African artifacts and eclectic decor, Moshesh's crib, which she shares with her son is indeed a Bohemian beauty that breaks all the rules.

"Travelling extensively to different parts of the world has influenced my aesthetic," she says. "And I always bring bits and pieces of places back to my house."

Her house is anything but ordinary. It is admirably decorated with antique mirrors, wooden tables, lamps, candleholders, China and many other items, a very classic but flexible style. Moshesh runs with this style through the whole house.

"More than anything I wanted a soothing interior, but I love creating pull and tension between pieces that are important and those that are not," she says.

"Most of my items are auction finds and some are inherited keepsakes. My biggest regret in life was to let people throw away my grandmother's kist."

She is also a fan of reinventing old clothes.

"I am also a frequenter of second-hand clothing shops. Most of my best pieces are found in such stores. My absolute favourite is the lace bombshell dress that I wear on special occasions."

The day Sowetan met her she was searching for treasures at the new Weylandts Furniture and homeware store in Kramerville, Joburg.

She was carrying a vintage Louis Vuitton bag teamed with nice vintage earrings.