Generations actress hits out over break-up rumours

10 September 2010 - 14:20
By Andile Ndlovu, Times LIVE

Connie Ferguson has ditched her sweet image to tell off "people talking nonsense" on Twitter about her marriage to actor Shona Ferguson being on the rocks.

Persistent rumours about Shona having made pregnant Connie's fellow actress on Generations, Kagiso Rakosa, clearly pushed the actress, who has played Karabo for more than 16 years, to the limit.

She tweeted this to her 7,400 followers on the social network:

"Bagaetsho (my people) I am not going to respond individually to all the questions about my husband @Shona_Ferguson making @KagisoRakosa pregnant.

"I would, however, like 2 put on record that Sharon on Generations is pregnant, n Kagiso the actress is not.

"Shona_Ferguson does not know this poor girl, and I resent all the tweets that are coming through insulting my husband coz of a baseless rumour."

The two, who have been married for almost nine years, took their children to Mauritius for a holiday in June, Times Live reports. And from their tweets, they seem to be going strong.

But while her husband was off to gym and meetings, as per his tweets, a "pissed" Connie decided to set the record straight.

She continued: "Why is it that people r so quick to pass judgement without facts? Is it really so hard to imagine 2 people being truly happy that u would want 2 mar it with malicious rumours that are so far-fetched?

"If u r my follower and insulted my husband in your tweets, pls unfollow me immediately, as evidently u and I have nothing in common and therefore nothing 2 share.

"I am usually very gracious about people talking nonsense, but the buck stops when u start insulting my family.

"By the way I am not going 2 suspend my twitter account coz of a few people who finally saw an opportunity to 'unsettle' my 'perfect world'.

"My husband is my rock. If u can't appreciate that u don't appreciate me. U can't claim to love me and yet u despise the one person who has truly made me happy."

  • The couple have two daughters and have been voted the country's most glamorous couple at various awards shows in the past few years.
  • Meanwhile, the day before, Shona told his 2200 followers that the pair were enjoying cheese and pineapple wraps and chicken salads at a popular fast food outlet.
  • Connie announced in April that she was leaving the soapie to focus on business and her family. Her final appearance will be next month.