Thobekile is going places with gospel

Yehla Mlilo offers only praise songs, done in a vibey way

GOSPEL singer Thobekile Mkhwanazi made waves with her impressive debut, Uthembekile, last year. Now the Estcourt-born singer is back in the game with a new release, Yehla Mlilo, to bless and entertain you.

Yehla Mlilo offers only praise songs, done in a vibey way. The album showcases Mkhwanazi's spiritual side.

With her different gospel style she is bound to succeed in this industry.

"My music is different because I sing the way we sing in church. In the album I try to be original, not to sound like someone else," she says.

Mkhwanazi, who is married with one child, says when choosing her songs she goes for well-known and famous traditional songs. In trying to modernise them she usually rearranges the songs.

Though she has been singing for 13 years, her professional career began in 2009.

Asked what took her so long Mkhwanazi says: "Actually, I'm the one who held back my career. I never thought the kind of music that I do would sell."

Mkhwanazi found a platform when she was featured by gospel singer Hlengiwe Mhlaba on her live DVD, recorded at the Durban Play House in 2007.

"After that performance, people started putting pressure on me to record my own album - until I dropped something last year.

"I'm overwhelmed by the reception that I got. I have never considered my kind of music as commercial, but I'm surprised by the response and the support I'm getting from the people," Mkhwanazi says.