Get your money: Have you claimed your Phuthuma Nathi dividends yet?

The MultiChoice BBBEE share scheme wants to pay out its shareholders

Phuthuma Nathi is looking to pay out its shareholders who have not yet claimed their dividends.
Phuthuma Nathi is looking to pay out its shareholders who have not yet claimed their dividends.
Image: Supplied/Phuthuma Nathi

There's a pot of money waiting to be claimed by shareholders of Phuthuma Nathi, MultiChoice's BBBEE share scheme.

If you owned Phuthuma Nathi shares at any point between 2006 and 2021 and have not yet received any dividends, some of this cash could be yours.

“This money belongs to our shareholders. In these tough economic times, we want to do everything in our power to give our shareholders what is rightfully theirs,” says Mandla Langa, chair of Phuthuma Nathi.

Earlier this year, the scheme launched an awareness campaign to trace its shareholders with unclaimed dividends. The response was great, resulting in about R60m being paid to about 4,400 shareholders, but there's still money that has not yet been claimed.

Some of the reasons for this may include:

  • A shareholder's banking details have changed but they haven't updated them with Phuthuma Nathi;
  • A shareholder is a company and the BBBEE certificate they've supplied to Phuthuma Nathi has expired; 
  • A shareholder’s account has been suspended as it can’t be verified; or
  • The shareholder is deceased.

If you think some of these unclaimed dividends could be owed to you or to someone you know, contact the Phuthuma Nathi call centre on 086 011 6226 or log in to the Phuthuma Nathi website.

“Our share scheme is truly broad-based. It is comprised of professionals, stokvels, helpers, gardeners and small businesses. We understand that we live in tough economic times and by paying these unclaimed dividends, we will bring much needed relief to our shareholders during these difficult times,” says Nyiko Shiburi, MultiChoice SA CEO.

Phuthuma Nathi works closely with its transfer secretary, Singular Systems, to trace and verify the identity of shareholders and to confirm the legitimacy of shareholder claims. Note that payment will be made only once all details have been confirmed and verified.

This article was paid for by Phuthuma Nathi.