What’s best? Huawei AX3 vs the rest

Why Huawei’s first Wi-Fi 6 Plus wireless router is the one to beat

Huawei’s AX3 is the first Wi-Fi 6 Plus wireless router range.
Huawei’s AX3 is the first Wi-Fi 6 Plus wireless router range.
Image: Supplied/Huawei

Everything is online and on-demand these days. From video work meetings to shopping using an app and choosing what to watch (and when) thanks to subscription services, the internet has changed how we live. But this new digital-first world demands connectivity and that, for the most part, means Wi-Fi. A strong, speedy, stable and secure Wi-Fi connection is now just as important at home as it was in the office.

Where did my Wi-Fi go?  

There’s nothing more frustrating than moving into a different room only to discover that the signal is terrible. Do you buy an extender or invest in a better router altogether? If you’re considering option two, what you need to know is that there's a new type of Wi-Fi standard available — Wi-Fi 6. With its ultra-large 160Mhz frequency bandwidth, Wi-Fi 6 wireless routers offer so much more than better coverage — they’re speed demons that excel at keeping many devices connected at once.

Huawei’s AX3 is the first Wi-Fi 6 Plus wireless router range. Ideal for the home or office, they’re equipped with a powerful, dual or quad-core 1.4GHz Gigahome CPU offering the highest throughput among all AX3000 routers. The innovative quad-core version of the AX3 is better performing and more stable than its competitors, which either have dual or triple-CPUs.

If a strong signal is at the top of your Wi-Fi wish list, you’ll be happy to know that Huawei’s Wi-Fi AX3 supports four concurrent devices on a 2.4 GHz frequency band, and 16 concurrent devices on the 5 GHz frequency band - there are 128 access devices. And because the AX3 supports wireless networking, network cable networking or a combination of both, it’s a good workplace device. Even more so because it’s never been easier to pair a router - the AX3 uses NFC (near-field communication), which means any NFC-enabled Android phone can simply tap to go online.

If you can’t remember your Wi-Fi password when a friend comes over or if you’re a small business owner running a coffice, or open office, that needs an easier way to get customers connected, Huawei Share and OneHop Connect is the solution. The AX3 has both. 

Getting online easier is one thing but doing it in a way that’s secure is just as important. Huawei’s Gigahome CPU has an independent security zone, which uses Huawei’s TrustZone operating system and Trustzone has CC EAL5 certification. Common Criteria security evaluations for technology products or systems work on different levels, one to seven, and a level five certification is what you would find in the banking sector, which means security has not been overlooked.

Taking it one step further, the AX3 is safeguarded from brute force cracking because it can automatically identify any kind of attack that isn’t manual. Wi-Fi cracking apps work by searching nearby shared Wi-Fi first, and if it cannot find such a network, it "cracks" the Wi-Fi by entering many password attempts in a short space of time. The AX3 can pick up if this is happening blacklists the attacker.

If you’ve ever tried to set up a router, there’s always something that gets in the way: walls. Where you place your router makes a big difference when it comes to signal strength and coverage. But with the AX3, this isn’t the case. Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6+ dynamic narrow band technology improves the strength of the signal transmitted back to the router (or to a Huawei smartphone) thanks to its exclusive Gigahome chipset.

Wi-Fi 5 routers and devices can only communicate with each other through a 20 MHz bandwidth but Wi-Fi 6 Plus can communicate using bandwidths as low as 2 MHz. Simply put, you’re going to experience a lot less network failures, faster internet speeds and a better signal quality overall because of what Huawei put inside the router.

If you’re after the highest performance, the fastest speed and the strongest signal, Huawei’s Wi-Fi AX3 wireless router series has got you covered. Perfect for any congested area or your own device-packed home, it’s the best way to take advantage of everything Wi-Fi 6 has coming.

The Huawei AX3 Dual-core will be available from December 1 for R1,499 at the Huawei online store and you will receive an additional R200 Huawei online store voucher if you purchase the Huawei AX3 between December 1 and 6. The AX-3 Quad-core will be available in SA in 2021.

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