WATCH | Sowetan Dialogue on the importance of being insured during turbulent times

Join Budget Insurance and Maya Fisher-French on June 24 at 10am

15 June 2020 - 13:10

There’s no doubt that in the current economy people are feeling an increased pinch on their finances. The uncertainty of Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown has many South Africans tightening their belts to help them through the period that lies ahead.

While many are re-examining their short-term financial commitments over the next few months, the tendency to cut back on costs that don’t appear to deliver visible benefits right now — like insurance in all shapes and forms — can have negative long-term consequences.

However, insurance should remain a necessity.

No matter how unprecedented these times are, there’s no knowing what still awaits us in the future. Accidents happen. They can happen on the road, or at home. Whether it’s a bump in the traffic, a burst geyser in the bathroom, hailstones through the window, or valuable possessions going up in flames, the consequences of going without insurance can be far reaching and financially devastating. 

June 28 marks Insurance Awareness Day — it’s a day that may go by quietly in the lives of millions of South Africans, but the insurance industry regards it with a great deal of seriousness because planning for the future includes being ready for unexpected events and accidents that could cost money.

Join Budget Insurance — in association with the Sowetan Dialogues — as popular financial journalist Maya Fisher-French speaks about the value of keeping insurance cover during difficult times, and why having it is essential for a more secure future.

Date:  June 24 2020
Time: 10am — 11am
Speaker: Maya Fisher-French


Maya Fisher-French.
Image: Supplied Maya Fisher-French.