Don't be bummed out by sexy Teazers ad‚ says watchdog

Don't be bummed out by sexy Teazers ad‚ says watchdog.
Don't be bummed out by sexy Teazers ad‚ says watchdog.
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There is no problem with a roadside advert for a strip club because it is “no more offensive in terms of nudity and sexuality than what one will see on a beach”.

“Many consumers experience a discomfort with the advertising because this may be a service that they take issue with either for puritanical or women’s rights reasons. However‚ it remains a legal service that is entitled to advertise‚” the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) ruled after Christine Robinson complained about an ad for Teazers on the side of the road.

The advertisement shows a woman’s buttocks in underwear with the slogan: “We are not bakers but we have the best buns!”

Robinson said it was “sexually orientated”‚ inappropriate for children and “the woman leaning forward suggests anal sex”.

The ARB ruled the ad was consistent with Teazers’ service and was meant to be funny.

“The overall takeout of the advertisement is intended to be humorous and a hypothetical reasonable adult would understand it as such. A child who is exposed to the advertisement would probably not understand the pun‚ and would therefore not understand any sexual inferences from the billboard.”

The ARB disagreed that the ad insinuated anal sex.

“The woman pictured is wearing underwear and is standing up (not bending forward as alleged) with her hands on her hips. There are no potential sexual partners pictured. The hypothetical reasonable person would not reasonably draw an inference of anal sex from this image.”

The ARB said the ad might spark questions from an “inquiring child” and “might result in an uncomfortable conversation for the parent”.

“This is‚ however‚ not enough to justify an order to withdraw the advertising‚ especially in a world where children are being exposed to more‚ younger.”

The advertising watchdog reached out to Teazers for comment but got no love.

Source: TMG Digital.

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