Nomthandazo Mabanga started with a salon and now owns construction firm

Nomthandazo Mabanga at the construction site.
Nomthandazo Mabanga at the construction site.

Nomthandazo Mabanga is chasing her dream of building an empire.

When she was aged 23, Mabanga resigned from her job as a brand ambassador to start her own business.

"I started my business from nothing and I worked hard to build my salon. I later ventured into retail until I earned myself a boutique," she said.

Her business La Chic Labro Boutique is at East Point shopping centre (East Rand Mall) in Boksburg.

"My passion for beauty ignited a spark within me, leading me to enrol at the L'Oreal international institute. I started to travel the world, exploring."

Mabanga, 31, sources her range internationally. Not only does she supply individual clients but also small, upcoming businesses.

"I believe I have the task to use my skills and talents to uplift other women as they strive to fulfil their businesses.

"We currently have a programme that offers free training on weekends to young women in the beauty industry."

Mabanga has also added construction to her brand.

"We have landed a deal to refurbish municipal buildings. My dream with this building refurbishment business is to have more women doing it," she said.

"Statistics have confirmed that we need more women in the construction industry. Our business philosophy is to work hard and pay close attention to customer needs and be service-oriented."

Mabanga is also a personal stylist, hairdresser and a professional make-up artist.

She said being raised by her grandmother while her mother worked taught her to be a strong and responsible individual. "Although we had nothing, having strong women by my side was enough to build me into the tough lady I have become."

She said business required discipline, sacrifice, sweat and full commitment.

Mabanga employs 18 people.