Elon Musk announces Neuralink venture to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence

29 March 2017 - 08:38
By AFPRelaxnews

Brain implants that allow for connection between humans and artificial intelligence technologies are the subject of research by a new company from Tesla Motors and Space X founder Elon Musk.

Musk is well known for his electric car company Tesla Motors (now Tesla Inc., reflecting its expanded interest in solar power and domestic batteries,) and reusable rocket platform Space X.

The South African-born entrepreneur was already involved with the non-profit OpenAI, and Neuralink doubles down on developments in the AI sector.

SA-born Musk makes his mark at No 21 in list of planet's most powerfulThe most powerful South African in the world is . . . Elon Musk. The Tesla and SpaceX boss‚ from Pretoria‚ came 21st on Forbes’ annual list of the planet’s most powerful on Thursday‚ and is the sixth most influential chief executive. 

Musk's announcement, via the Wall Street Journal, comes in the days before big budget human-AI thriller "Ghost in the Shell" debuts in theaters; it takes place in a near future instance where cybernetic implants are commonplace, and deals with some of the benefits and complications arising from such a scenario.