Marriott targets ‘Africa’s growing middle class’ by endorsing its Protea brand

14 June 2016 - 11:48
By Tmg Digital
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By adding the words “by Marriott”‚ the group that owns the Protea Hotels brand hopes “to capitalise on the travel aspirations of Africa’s growing middle class”.

Marriott International announced the rebranding‚ which it said “includes an updated and modernised logo and the ‘by Marriott’ endorsement”‚ on Tuesday morning.

The move also seeks to tackle “the increased presence of international hotel brands in Africa”‚ a statement said.

“Marriott’s endorsement of Protea Hotels signifies a turning point for the South African-based brand‚ which Marriott acquired in 2014. Having successfully integrated Protea’s systems and operations‚ Marriott is enhancing Protea Hotels’ brand strength and awareness through its endorsement.”

 It’s a two-way street as the rebranding “represents Marriott’s long-term commitment to evolving Protea Hotels from a strong regional player to a globally recognised brand with international appeal” and it “will strengthen Marriott’s awareness in southern Africa by leveraging Protea Hotels’ strength in the region”. — TMG Digital