There’s nothing like being caught in rain storm, Nothing quite like the sharp whistle of the wind as subtle and silent as a whisper

And the loss of balance caused by the rush and gush of his twin sister
Nothing quite like the great loud grumbling growl of lightening crawling through huge heavy brooding storm clouds looking for a way out

The scream inducing sound of cranky cramps creeping through clouds pregnant with gallons of precipitation
Nothing quite like the painful plip and plop of big fat juicy balloon raindrops making contact with exposed skin
The liberating loss of inhibition inverse to the increase in desperation to arrive at your destination
A rainstorm cleanses from without
Releasing multicoloured streams of L’oreal and Maybelline mingled with rainbow riverlets of dove deoderants
And shields that shield from sweat but cannot shelter from rain

No smooth strait relaxed strands,
No store bought brazilian weave brands
No natural, afro blown by hand
When it rains every black girl would rather bury her head in the sand
There are no ladies and gentlemen when you’re caught in a rain storm
No richer or poorer
Or higher or lower
No sinners No saints
Just people Created equal
Heading in heaps to hide under the bus shelter
Rain destroys all traces of the artificial
Man made versus God made
He’ll always win

A Rainstorm cleans better than a Genesis vacuum cleaner filled with OMO machine wash and vanish stain remover
It was a rainstorm that erased all evidence of evil
Leaving the earth super, squeaky, sparkling clean and as shiny as a new penny
Fresh and 99.999999% as pure as the day it was first came forth from the mouth of God
It disappears as quickly and as quietly as it appeared
The huge heavy brooding storm clouds let it all out and part
Revealing God’s seven coloured smile that reminds of the promise“
Never again will I destroy the earth with rain”

Submitted by Baone Twala for YouthTube - By The Youth, For the Youth

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