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Within most people's circle of friends, there always seems to be that one friend who is the happiest with their sex lives more than the rest.

They are constantly glowing and will occasionally drop steamy sex stories that make the rest feel like their sex lives are stuck in the Middle Ages.

These people can be your sex role models. They are who we aspire to emulate in our sex lives and wish that we could also have the secret to what makes their bedroom escapades so exciting and steamy.

Four adults spoke to us about who their sex role models are, and why. They say that if they could have the type of sex lives their sex role models have, their relationships and sex game would be at their peak.

*John is a 43-year-old air condition installer who lives in Tlhabane, North West.

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He says his sex role model is his 32-year-old younger brother who recently got married. "He shares with me how spontaneous their sex is. I was taken aback when he said they have had sex in every room of their house.

"Their advantage may be that they do not have kids of their own yet, so I guess it is relatively easier for them.

"My sex life with my conservative wife is never spontaneous. We have only had sex on our bed. I do wish I could try new things, but with a house full of kids having sex in the kitchen would be a big disaster.

"Plus my wife would be horrified if sex was taken out of the bedroom. So I really envy my brother."

*Pinky is a 24-year-old journalism intern who stays in Midrand. She says that she has never had an orgasm, and always gushes at her friend *Mpho's sex stories of having multiple orgasms.

"She says she can have many orgasms while having sex with her boyfriend.

"She says that they are in sync, and that he knows how to delay his orgasm until she has reached hers. I, on the other hand, have never experienced orgasm. My boyfriend of two years is always trying new things, but for some reason, I just never get there."

*Mathabo, a 32-year-old data capturer at a financial institution in Embalenhle in Mpumalanga, says her sex role model is a character on TV.

She says that she is obsessed with Samantha Jones from Sex and the City.

"She is such a sex vixen. She knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. She knows good sex and demands [it] every time.

"I wish I was more like Samantha. I tend to let guys be in control and I am afraid of taking charge. Guys around here will consider you lose if you dared to do the things Samantha does."

Thirty-year-old *Bheki is in events management and stays in KwaThema, east of Joburg.

He says his sex role model is his friend and colleague who once told him that he has sex every day.

"I debated with him about it because I thought it was impossible. He told me that he has a very high sex drive and that he literally has sex every single day with his woman. Even if they are tired, they always have sex. I don't have the stamina for everyday sex, but I do find myself wondering what it would be like," Bheki says.

* Not their real names

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