Fashion designer Lindiwe Sithole 
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Nkuli’LL Lux is a luxury loungewear collection born out of a decision made by fashion designer Lindiwe Sithole to branch out from her exclusive clientele. The creations are for sophisticated and stylish women who want to embrace a new wardrobe rooted in comfort. Seeing her grandmother and aunt working in the textile factories, Sithole’s passion for fashion was quickly ignited.

“I have been a fashion designer for private clients for many years now. However, having to raise a family I experienced some difficulties and had to put that on pause. After a long time, in January I had an epiphany and I began to tap back into my designer genes. And there the concept of Nkuli’LL Lux came about,” says Sithole. 

With loungewear being the new workwear as a result of the pandemic, Sithole had an epiphany which motivated her to start the collection.

“Most people are over having to wear tight-fitted jeans and all those fancy dresses. We are all looking for a simpler way of dressing. Pieces that make us look polished, that are beautiful and good to wear.”

Nkuli’LL Lux is a luxury loungewear by fashion designer, Lindiwe Sithole.
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While loungewear may be very comfortable, it has often been questioned for its appropriateness in the professional world. According to the loungewear designer, there’s a shift in what is deemed appropriate dress code and the secret is all in how the loungewear pieces are styled.

“There is a change in how we work and this has had an impact on how we dress professionally. Loungewear is going to be a big feature in how we dress for the workplace. And I believe that it can be dressed up for the workplace to be stylish and professional. Nkuli’LL Lux Loungewear range accommodates everybody. Whether you are in corporate or at home, it will give you a finished look that you will be proud to wear.”

Styling up your loungewear couldn’t be more simpler. Accessories will be your best friend. Pair your loungewear with bright accessories that will make you stand out if you are going. Pair up your shoes, handbag as well as signature necklaces to make your look more interesting. And remember, it is the woman who is going to carry the outfit so have fun while styling it up. 

The signature garment in the collection is the kimono, which Sithole believes is an all-season piece. Sithole believes that when looking for a signature piece for your wardrobe, you should always invest in comfort and good quality. 

“I like the kimono, it can be worn on its own, belted at its waist to create a dress or worn in place of a coat to add an element of comfort to the outfit. 

With Nkuli’LL Lux only a few months old, there’s plenty which can still be expected from the luxury house. 

“We will be launching our second collection soon, which sees us experimenting with classic wardrobe staples such as jackets but with a Nkuli’LL Lux twist.”



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