American rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons is on life support after suffering a cardiac arrest last week Friday.
Image: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo
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Prayers continue to pour in for American rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons who is currently on life support after suffering a cardiac arrest last week Friday.

In honour of his legacy, fans across the world have been flooding social media with fond memories of their encounter with the musician. 

One such a fan is a social media user by the name of Jennifer Frase who shared a lengthy thread on Twitter of the first time she met the rapper. 

Frase narrated how while on a first-class flight to San Diego, she and her daughter Mia were seated next to the rapper.

Although the rapper boarded with his entourage "in tow", Frase explained that DMX had a calm demeanour about him. 

She went on to explain how as the plane took off, the Slippin' hitmaker leaned over and introduced himself as DMX. 

As the flight continued, Frase explained that she and DMX started talking about social media. 

"I asked for an image that he liked. I commented it looked like a constellation." 

Then DMX chose a picture he loved on his phone, explaining how he loved when people held up their phone flashlights during performances.

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After a "wholesome" conversation with the "stranger" they met on the flight, Frase said she and DMX exchanged numbers but thought he was just being "polite" never anticipating his call. 

But to her amazement, DMX called her when she and her daughter got to their hotel. He asked them to attend a concert he was performing at.

Frase explained how excited they were to be there that she and Mia documented the wonderful night all over Snapchat. 

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