Natasha Thahane shares her lockdown beauty secrets. Image: Supplied
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One person who is currently on top of her game is Natasha Thahane.

The actress yesterday debuted her much anticipated Netflix show, Blood and Water, adding to her other major accolade from this year, becoming a Garnier ambassador.

In our quest to keep busy and take better care of ourselves during lockdown, many of us have turned to our social media feeds in search of tutorials and new beauty rituals to try. Who better to look to than a beauty brand ambassador?

We checked in with Thahane to see how she’s been taking care of her skin and how you can do the same.

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“When it comes to sleep, I always try to be disciplined with my routine, making sure that I get around seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

I also try to avoid napping during the day. I now have more time, so I have been intentional about taking extra time to take care of my skin by getting a good night’s rest.”


“Now that I know I have a combination skin,I treat each area separately, so that the dry area is not extra dry. It’s important to understand your skin, see what works and doesn’t... knowing your skin can help you help it.”


“Your skin can honestly be as good as the time you invest in taking care of it. I have seen a huge difference now that I am actually taking extra care of my skin.

I have seen a huge difference with blemishes as well, because sometimes you get that pimple when it’s that time of the month, so now I can see all these blemishes disappearing, because I am investing in taking care of my skin.

So take the time, as much as we take care of everything else, mental health,physical appearance –it is part of it."


 “I can’t live without Garnier Micellar Water. I still use it even though I don’t have to use make-up; it keeps my skin  hydrated and it just makes my skin feel really good.

I still use that even when I’m home, but when I go to work, that’s one thing that is always in my bag. ”

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