Most people are scared of vaccinating, especially men, says the writer.
Image: Gauteng Health/ Twitter
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Let us take a look at people who claim that their loved ones passed away after taking a vaccine, not even R10 is donated to help with funeral arrangements. I wish disadvantaged families could get help.

I really do not understand why people die instead of getting cured. Most people are scared of vaccinating, especially men. The worst part is in my country we don't produce our own vaccine, we still go to other countries seeking help.

We improve their economy, while our economy was already in recession. Now, it is not just the Covid-19 pandemic rocking the country, a rising poverty epidemic also brings new challenges to overcome. No single vaccine provides 100% protection.

Things went sour when SA suspended use of AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine after it failed to clearly stop the virus variant. "The side effects from J&J and Pfizer are similar. They are mild and will go away within three days" is what I heard on the news.

The consequences of being vaccinated and solutions are hardly discussed. SA scientists detected a new coronavirus variant with multiple mutations, we don't know what to expect next. Let's wear our masks, wash our hands and vaccinate, you are not forced to do so just protect yourself, be safe.

Sara Makala, Three Rivers, Sedibeng

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