Sibusiso Khwinana was fatally stabbed on Friday night.
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The killing of young actor Sibusiso Khwinana is troubling.

Here was a promising performer, enjoying his big break into the mainstream with Matwetwe, the exceptional comedy produced by DJ Black Coffee and Kagiso Lediga, only to become a victim of crime over a cellphone.

This reminds us of the tragic consequences of crime, which has gone on for far too long without being tackled head-on by state agencies.

But this murder should also prompt us to introspect.

Is this what has become of us? Savages killing each other over cellphones? Where is ubuntu? Where is the value of life? Have we really become that barbaric?

There is an abundance of talent in SA, but great talent is in short supply. Once in a while, an outstanding performer worthy of the world stage comes along and flies our flag high.

At a weekend when actors were being honoured at the annual South African Film and TV Awards (Saftas) in Sun City, the mood was sombre, because yet again, the industry has been plunged into mourning because of cold-blooded killers preying on us.

Talent snuffed out at its prime. Promise cut off abruptly. A candle blown out by the proverbial wind. The picture is disturbing.

We will never know where the journey of life would have led Khwinana to.

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Already, he was a celebrated stage performer, with the hallmarks of world-class talent.

For all we know, he could have become one of the greatest exports to come out of SA, perhaps even our next Oscar winner.

We just will never know what Khwinana would have done for the arts and this country.

He will now be remembered as the young actor who was killed
for a cellphone just as his career was taking off.

It's clear that we failed him. We let him down and may his demise weigh down our consciences.

He joins a long list of personalities who fell victim to crime and paid the ultimate price.

Never forget Lucky Dube, never forget Dumi Masilela, never forget Senzo Meyiwa ...

This dark cloud keeps lurking and we are robbed of talent that has the potential to remind us of how great we can be as a people and what makes us proudly South African.

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