Sex toys come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours to spice up lovemaking.
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If you've ever wanted to have some naughty adult fun with your girlfriends, why not have a sex-toy party?

While it may sound crass and uncouth to some, sex-toy parties can be great, harmless fun with a group of consenting adults - and you could learn a lot too.

This is because not only do you get to browse through a variety of toys in the privacy of your home, but a knowledgeable consultant is also right there to walk you through how everything works!

We spoke to Nicola Byrne who is the founder of Bachelorette, a kinky online store that offers these services and more to women looking to have a good time, while learning and purchasing sexy lingerie and sex toys.

Byrne hosts sex-toy parties, mostly for bachelorettes getting ready to walk down the isle, but says any group of girls can hire out her services.

"I started this business in 2006 after realising that there was a need for women to have fun, sexy parties. At the time there weren't a lot of options for women about to get married, except for kitchen parties that consisted of kitchen teas, and grannies and aunts baking up a storm in the kitchen," she says.

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"Meanwhile, men could party it up with strippers popping out of a cake and having a blast.

"I realised that women needed their own fun as well, and the idea of the company was born."

To procure her services, you log onto their website and fill out a request.

You will then be assigned a form to fill out with specific dates and times you would like to host the party.

After making a payment, you are then sent a rules form that outlines what is to be expected and how to toe the line.

"Thankfully, we have never had any incidents where things got out of control, and this is mostly because we tend to arrive just as the party is starting so that we don't have anyone buzzing from alcohol or anything and potentially causing a disruption," she says.

"We tend to not go over the top with our showcases, so we don't bring any sex toys that may be overt or crass. Everything is done very tastefully. One of the demonstrators would then start showing off the merchandise and demonstrating how everything is used, as well as giving some lessons on oral sex and hand-pleasuring techniques.

It is risque, but tasteful, so we often advise our clients to not have anyone at the party who may dampen the mood by being offended."

The Bachelorette has different party options for different prices.

Byrne says they offer silver, gold or platinum packages which all consist of different types of fun.

Each party lasts for about 90 minutes.

"The silver package costs R600 and it is a standard lingerie and sex-toy demonstration party.

"The gold package costs R750 and also consists of the sex toys and lingerie demonstrations, but also hiring out of accessories and a gift card, while the platinum package includes a blow-up doll and costs R850."

Byrne says that for an added fee, one can even include bare-butt butlers to serve the ladies drinks or even hire out their male exotic dancers.

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