Many South Africans have been googling recipes that'll give them a taste of their favourite takeaway fried chicken at home.
Image: 123RF/kritchanut
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If our googling habits are anything to go by, it seems foodies can't wait until Friday when we ease into level 4 of lockdown and can order takeaways for delivery again.

According to Google search trends data, South Africans have spent the past 10 days scouring the internet for ways to recreate the lip-smacking fried chicken from popular fast food chains at home. 

“KFC chicken” topped the list of the 10 most-searched recipes during this period, with “Chicken Licken” coming in at number 9.

Recipes for local favourites were also popular, with koeksisters, peppermint crisp tart and bobotie ranking second, third and fourth.

Here are the 10 most-searched recipes by South Africans from April 19-28, according to Google:
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  • KFC chicken recipe
  • Koeksister recipe
  • Peppermint crisp tart recipe
  • Bobotie recipe
  • French toast recipe
  • Meringue recipe
  • Hash brown recipe
  • Chicken Licken recipe
  • Garlic bread recipe
  • Mac and cheese recipe

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