- George Hunter head bartender at Marble serves smoke-inspired cocktails. This is their first limited edition.
- Cold Smoke cocktail
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Renowned Joburg eatery Marble has proven that where there's smoke, there's definitely a delicious cocktail somewhere.

The restaurant launched their limited edition, smoke inspired cocktails, recently.

The cocktails, the first in a limited series that they'll be running, are developed by head bartender George Hunter.

"Just as Marble is about an elevated experience, so are these cocktails. All six of the cocktails embody the element of smoke - in the name, in the ingredients and in how they are served," Hunter explained.

A standout from the menu, because of presentation, is the Cold Smoke cocktail which is grey goose, amaretto, angostura aromatic, chamomile, honey and citrus. This is served in a teapot with a tea cup and a biscuit. A sweet way to enjoy a sundowner.

In terms of taste, the Smoke Embodied cocktail, which is 12 year old aultmore, drambuie, guava syrup, citrus, smoked pineapple and activated charcoal, is the best.

A drink on the menu that should come with a warning is the Smoke Within cocktail which is medley of spirits, Dewars 15 year old, Dewars 12 year old, Martini Rosso and Yellow Chartreuse which arrives in a skull glass is then set alight and poured into a glass. The cocktail gives a healthy warmth to the body, but can overwhelm inexperienced drinkers. The smoke-inspired cocktails are a first in a series of limited-edition cocktail menus. All the drinks are priced at R165 each.

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