Award winning gospel artists Lusanda and Betusile Mcinga.
Image: Sino Majangaza
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Award-winning gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga is broke and pleading for financial assistance from the public.

Mcinga of Lusanda Spiritual Group fame is the latest artist to plead poverty on social media. In September, actor Vusi Thanda also released a video in which he asked for financial help from the public, while pop singer Dr Malinga opened up about his money woes to a podcast. 

In career spanning 26 years, Mcinga had crafted a solid base through which he sold gold and platinum albums, while she enjoyed airplay and being popular for life shows. However, on Monday Mcinga dropped a  bombshell, via a video in which she outlined her financial woes.

She asked for money in order to go into the studio to record new material as she said she had not worked since 2020 when Covid-induced lockdown was first declared.

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 Mcinga revealed her cars had repossessed by the bank as she could not keep up with payments. She said her son Bethusile, who is also a successful gospel artist, had been helping her wherever he could. Her biggest wish is to go to the studio and record a new album.

“What has been happening is that people would give me R200 or R300 and it felt like a million to me. Bethusile has been helping but he will never manage to assist me in all my problems. The reason that made me to do the video is because I would like to record an album as I don’t want to disappear into the thin air.

“I would like to go to the studio but I know my kids cannot afford and I cannot afford to go and record. I was appealing to everyone who can help to donate whatever money they can afford,” Mcinga told Sowetan on Tuesday.

Her words in the video: “I am in the same situation I was in 26 years ago when I wanted to record my music and to start my career. I had no means but I wanted to record my first album. After Covid-19 things have never been the same for me. I know others will find this funny or laugh about it but I am really in need of this assistance.”

She said she wants to come to Johannesburg to make more music and pay the people she works with. 

“The plan is to go to Joburg to record and I need money for accommodation, studio and transport and to pay backing vocalists,” Mcinga further said.

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