Nandi Madida is about to give birth to her second child but that's not stopping her.
Image: Mduduzi Ndzingi
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Nandi Madida is waiting for the arrival of her bundle of joy any day now.

Sporting a rose gold hairdo, Madida looks chic in a fuchsia maxi dress when we sit down for a fun chat in one of the luxurious rooms at the Munro Boutique Hotel with a spectacular view of Johannesburg's urban forest

The heavily pregnant TV personality looks ready to pop, but she stepped out in style for the launch of her new campaign with Lux.

"Are you ready to deliver?" Madida jokingly asks me.

"I feel amazing even though I'm heavily pregnant. So any day from now until the next three weeks I can be popping.

"It's been a great pregnancy, very short."

Madida is especially excited as she's waiting until the birth to find out the gender of her second born child.

She and musician husband Zakes Bantwini welcomed their son Shaka two years ago.

"You never know what God's plan is, so if another kid comes it will be like 'you were not part of the plan'.

"But my plan was to have two," she shares.

Madida worked throughout her pregnancy and she's in the middle of finalising plans for the launch of her own natural hair range in a month or so.

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Madida's latest venture adds to her long list of jobs that include acting, presenting, singing and fashion designing.

"I come from a family of [such] overachievers, that I feel like I'm an underachiever. For me it's only natural to work hard. I come from a family of academics that can humble you," she says.

"Now I'm launching something because for so long people left us in the dark and told us to straighten our hair."

Madida reveals that of all her jobs, acting is her least favourite because "actors are exploited in this country".

"They are the most passionate people, who do these amazing long hours and they are still not protected.

"From a salary perspective it broke my heart to see a certain legend not having the car of their dream and going home to a four-room [house].

"Then you have us hosting on TV or making music being in a better situation financially. It's just not OK."

Madida last acted in Mzansi Magic telenovela The Road in 2015. Her fashion label Colour continues to flourish.

Madida will next be dressing a Hollywood star and is also working with the wardrobe department of an American production.

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