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Well-known publicist Lerato Sengadi has broken her silence on The South Gauteng High Court's ruling that she and Jabba had entered into a customary union, calling it a victory for "all marginalised women". 

Lerato filed an urgent court application for an interdict to stop HHP's  funeral from taking place on Saturday, however this was denied by Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng. 

Jabba's father, Robert Tsambo refused to recognise Lerato's marriage to the star and excluded her from funeral arrangements. 

The Tsambo family claimed Lerato was not Jabba's wife as she was never "handed over" to their family and that lobola was not fully paid. 

Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng ruled that by law Lerato is Jabba's customary wife. 

Taking to social media on Friday evening Lerato poured her heart out about the ruling meant to her.

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"Today was bigger than me! Motho always saw greatness in me that I sometimes didn’t see in myself.  He always said I was born to be great and felt almost undeserving of being loved by such greatness but the feeling was mutual! He has catapulted me to the level of greatness that only a union blessed by the most High could." 

Lerato said the court's ruling was a victory for all women who had been stripped of their chance to grieve. 

"I am not the first that this has happened to! Which is why I am fired up and encouraged by the spirits of all the widows who have been marginalised by patriarchal in-laws in moments of grief and stripped of their dignity and the very basic need to grieve. Our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, best friends." 

She also had some strong words for women who "ridiculed" her for taking a stand against her in-laws. 

"To all the women who choose to ridicule me for doing what is right; I pray that this never happens to you or your daughter or your best friend etc but if it does you will remember me and know that you can fight for what is right.

"You don’t love someone because it’s convenient and easy. No! You love them because even when loving them isn’t convenient you will still fight for what is right for them.  Motho didn’t marry no punk! I am brave! I am a warrior! I am a queen. #IAmHisWife! #IWillNotCower". 

HHP committed suicide on October 24 after a lengthy battle with depression.

Meanwhile, a civic funeral in Jabba's honour is underway at the Mmabatho Convention Centre on Saturday morning.

The mood at Jabba's house where close friends and family gathered to pay their last respects this morning was sombre. 

Jabba will later be laid to rest at Heroes Acre at Mmabatho cemetery.

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