Kwesta during 9th Annual Feather Awards nominations at The Hill in Parktown.
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Some fans were concerned that international collaborations could “dilute” his African sound‚ but Twitter has given its stamp of approval to Kwesta’s latest offering with US rapper Wale‚ applauding the fact this his signature sound was not left out.

The rapper released his single‚ Spirit‚ which features Wale on Wednesday to general acclaim. The song made it to the trends list as Twitter praised the rapper for not compromising his sound even when he features international acts.

"To me Spirit means being what you are about and not being afraid or giving up. Don’t be told that this thing does or doesn’t work. As long as it is in your heart then you need to chase it. Being South African, you need to represent where you come from. You need to represent that to the fullest and not let anything bring you down. You need to have the Spirit to face those dreams. Spirit," said Kwesta about the song.

Kwesta’s upcoming album features major US collaborations with the likes of Wale‚ Rick Ross and Tory Lanez.

Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast team on Wednesday while hyping his song‚ Kwesta explained that he’ll always stay true to his African sound but he also wanted to “break down borders musically“.

“As much as people might question some of my collabs and everything‚ my plan was to break down the borders. So I’m not moving towards an international sound‚ I just want break down the musical borders‚” he said.

Twitter went on to crown the song as a December hit and predicted that it may reach Ngud’s level of popularity.




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