Apology to Edeling Van Niekerk


Mamasala Sabadeur
Mamasala Sabadeur

The victims claimed law firm Edeling Van Niekerk placed the money they received from the Road Accident Fund in a trust instead of paying it out to them.

Our reportage, however, contained some factual errors and we wrongly quoted the attorney at the law firm.

Documents shown to Sowetan reveal the trusts were established in terms of court orders issued on the recommendation of medical experts.

The documents also suggest the law firm informed their clients of the need to place their monies in trust before the trusts were created.

Edeling Van Niekerk attorney Leigh De Souza-Spagnoletti was wrongly quoted in one of the stories as saying it is acceptable for lawyers to finalise a claim without their client’s knowledge.

In fact, she said exactly the opposite.

De Souza-Spagnioletti also dispute the amounts of money that were reportedly paid over to the motor vehicle accident victims’ trusts. “All monies due to Edeling Van Niekerk’s clients were paid to them.” Ms De Souza-Spagnoletti said.

We apologise to Edeling Van Niekerk Attorneys for any embarrassment these errors may have caused.