Mon May 29 15:22:12 SAST 2017
A new landmark study has found that boys who show a high level of empathy attract on average 1.8 more female friends than their low-empathy peers. ©Christopher Futcher/

Students today are ‘saving to look good and make memories’

If today’s university students really are the future of the country‚ then South Africans are soon going to be all about the individual.

25 ‘A’ grades for Unizul's top student teacher

A KwaZulu-Natal-born man‚ who was raised by his gran on a child support grant‚ had made her very proud by obtaining 25 university distinctions.

Law students offer pupils rare service

From left to right: Chamber of Legal Students members outside Bosmansdam high school last Wednesday - chairman Yolisa Nocanda, Aza Nongoma, Khanyisa Monqo, Shanèca Smal, Kimberly Mthembi, Kwanda Mkalipi, Sonke Mamba (with an Afro) and Simfanele Mavuso. An enterprising second-year University of the Western Cape (UWC) law student has started an initiative to help his peers get practical experience by representing pupils in school disciplinary hearings.

Grade nine boy lights the way by naming SA's first remotely-operated telescope

A grade nine pupil from North West Province has reached for the stars — and got there.

#BlessersMustFall: Actress launches 'anti-blesser' talks for young girls

The Queen actress Thandy Matlaila plans to launch a series of ‘anti-blesser’ talks across Mzansi to educate young girls about the dangers of falling for blessers.

Mental strength pushes 19-year-old Quintine Mkhondo to BSc degree

Quintine Mkhondo recently graduated at the age of 19 with a BSc degree in actuarial science and financial mathematics at the University of Pretoria.

North-West University student aces her PhD - at just 23 years of age

More South Africans are getting qualified‚ big jump in number of black learners in further education

Mozambique's 'tree child' turns 17, studying

FILE PICTURE:  Rosita   Mabuiango  was born in a tree in the tiny village of Chokwe in Mozambique during the 2000 floods. Now 10 years old, she visits Parliament to attend Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu's Policy debate on Budget Vote. Pic: Shelley Christians. 04/05/2010. © The Times

Shoppers help schools - to the tune of R104.9 million

Budget 2017: Graduates spared from tax

A picture of graduation cap on money Picture Credit: Thinkstock