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Guptas have never been a client of McKinsey

International consultancy firm McKinsey on Tuesday flat out rejected any connection with the controv.

Baxter breaks his silence and explains why he hasn't been named Bafana coach yet

By Marc Strydom | 2017-04-20 16:29:13.0

Stuart Baxter says he is waiting for the South African Football Association (Safa) to respond on whether he can continue coaching SuperSport United until the end of the season‚ and Bafana Bafana‚ before considering a reply to Safa’s approach to him.

Baxter believes delays to a potential deal being finalised in talks to sign on for a second tenure as Bafana coach‚ replacing sacked Ephraim "Shakes" Mashaba‚ have been partly affected by Safa president Danny Jordaan and CEO
Dennis Mumble’s recent trips to the USA.

The coach said SuperSport have also been in talks with Safa‚ and are still awaiting a response on Baxter becoming Bafana coach while also seeing out the remainder of the season with his club.

“Chronologically‚ Danny asked me‚ ‘Is it worth talking?’ I said‚ ‘Clear it with SuperSport’‚” Baxter said on Thursday‚ explaining his understanding of how the talks have unfolded so far.

“Safa approached the club.

"It was leaked far too early that things were done and dusted – they weren’t.

"We had not had any sort of negotiations.

“Then the club gave permission.

"There have been some talks‚ where I’ve tried to get clarity on what the job would entail for me‚ and what would be my area of input.

“Then the bits and pieces with the club had to be attended to.

"Safa (Mumble and Jordaan) were away in the USA‚ it’s not been done.

“And I think over the last few days there have been more talks between the club and the FA to see if there is a solution that they can both live with‚ where I would stay at SuperSport until the end of the season.

“And at that point where it’s all agreed up‚ then I will make a call.

"When I can make an educated call I will say‚ ‘Yeah I fancy that’‚ or‚ ‘Sorry‚ no thanks’.

"And that’s where we are.

“I think we are very close to the club and the association understanding each other.

"It’s dragged out‚ and I don’t know why.”

Baxter said finishing his season with SuperSport was a prerequisite he gave to Safa‚ though if the association agreed to it‚ that still would not guarantee him accepting the Bafana job.

The Briton also insisted he's never held Safa to ransom and demanded a R1 million monthly salary‚ and for his son‚ Lee‚ to be Bafana goalkeeper coach.


“I can categorically – hand on heart‚ with witnesses‚ because there have been people at every conversation – say that for the salary‚ I have never heard that number.

“Any number that I have heard has been millions less than that.

“And in terms of members of staff my son has never been mentioned.

“I think he’s a great goalkeeper-coach‚ and people at SuperSport (where Lee Baxter worked until June 2016) would take him back in a heartbeat.

“But because I know the fear of nepotism I never mentioned him.

“I know how it was mentioned‚ which was when SuperSport spoke with the FA.

"Safa asked‚ ‘What did Stuart have when he came to SuperSport? ’

"And of course they said‚ ‘He had Lee and Josh (Smith‚ SuperSport’s fitness trainer)’.

“Then it gets leaked to someone and suddenly I’ve got a demand.”

Baxter previously coached Bafana form 2004 to 2005. - TMG Digital/TMG Sport