Sat Sep 23 16:26:54 CAT 2017

Column - Watching Rio Olympics a test of endurance

By MNINAWA NTLOKO | 2016-08-08 16:48:15.0

Staying up to watch the Olympic Games in Brazil is a test of endurance that should be considered as a future Olympic event. Seriously.

Operating the remote control has never been more challenging and I have to admit there have been times when I’ve given up the ghost and succumbed to sleep's warm embrace.

The time difference has been an incredibly resilient adversary (Brazil is five hours behind SA) and even the best of us have eventually surrendered to the inevitable at some point or another over the past few days.

Think about it, the Olympic Games opening ceremony  got underway in the early hours of Saturday morning and I could have sworn I heard a rooster crowing in the distance as the bloody thing wrapped up.

The SA under-23 group match against Denmark started at 12am on Monday and worse, the final group matches of the men’s and the women’s soccer teams will both kick off at 3am.

Is this schedule somebody's idea of a joke?

Hell,  Cameron van der Burgh jumped into the pool just before 4am on Monday mourning and only the brave saw him win the silver medal.

The test of endurance will continue in the early hours on Tuesday morning as Chad Le Clos’ men’s 200m freestyle final starts at 3.21am.

Even when I do manage to keep sleep at bay, there is the small matter of the incredibly vicious  cold that seems to take great joy in suffocating whatever life is still left on my corns.

Hell, things got so bad the other day that I could have sworn I saw an Eskimo happily skating on my front lawn in the early hours of the morning.

To think we're still days into the event.